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Harrisonburg holds meetings to address homelessness

Community Care Support Specialist, Part-Time

Our Community Place (OCP) is seeking a part-time Community Care Support Specialist (CCSS) to assist with the advancement of case management services we provide to homeless and low-income community members. The CCSS will work with the Community Care Coordinator to connect community members to resources, benefits, and services, and will perform intakes, health and disability applications, record case notes and outcomes, and much more. The CCSS will be responsible for the supervision of social work interns, and must be a licensed social worker with a minimum of 2 years work experience. In addition, the CCSS will work with management staff to facilitate daily community center programs. The ideal candidate will demonstrate the care, compassion, firmness, adaptability, and patience necessary to fulfill OCP’s mission to foster a safe, loving, and welcoming space for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, ability, religion, or history.

For a full job description, please visit http://ourcommunityplace.org/job-announcement/

Eric is featured on WHSV's One on One - discussing the recent Harrisonburg City Pedestrian and Median Ordinance.  Video via www.whsv.com  
What is OCP? Thanks to JMU SMAD students for producing a video to answer that question. 


Box Lunch Catering

Help support OCP! We can cater your next luncheon!