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Join OCP in our Solar Campaign !!!

In November, OCP is placing 49 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. We will be reducing our carbon footprint from day 1, and savings $36,000 over 10 years that we can invest back into programming! Join the campaign–we are looking for 500 donors each giving $25. You can donate at GIVE.SOLAR (or www.Give.Solar). In just a few days, we climbed from 12,600 to nearly $14,400. Here’s where we are:

Our Community Place is committed to welcoming and recognizing the inherent dignity of everyone who walks through the doors.

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OCP job opening: Kitchen Coordinator.

Click HERE to see the job announcement.


Solar Panels going up at OCP!

In November, OCP is placing 40 solar panels on the roof. This will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce costs at the same time! This project will allow OCP to invest the energy cost savings of nearly $100,000 over the next 30 years into programs to support homeless and marginalized persons in our community. YOU CAN HELP: we are seeking 500 donations of $25 or more to match funding given through the Merck Foundation and our partner agency in this effort GIVE SOLAR. To donate, please go to Give.Solar (or www.Give.Solar) or send a check to OCP’s address designated “Solar Project.” Thank you!