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OCP begins new “Extreme Weather Day Shelter”

OCP is not usually open on Saturdays and Sundays. But on January 12 and 13 we were open all day from 7am to 6:30pm as we began a new program we’re calling the “Extreme Weather Day Shelter.” Since the homeless shelters in Harrisonburg usually close during the day, people need a place to go, especially when weather is extremely cold. We define extreme weather as any day in which the projected high will be under 32 degrees. This new program will keep people warm, healthy, and fed on such days. It will also help prevent churches hosting Open Doors shelter from feeling that they are pushing people out into the cold on very cold days.

Our Community Place is committed to welcoming and recognizing the inherent dignity of everyone who walks through the doors. EVERYONE is welcome at OCP, no requirements, no fees, no hassle, no kidding.

    MON, TUE, WED, FRI   7:30am – 2pm
    THURS   1 – 6pm 

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Solar Panel Project Completed at OCP!

WE DID IT !!!  With your support we completed our Solar Campaign.

Thanks to many donors, the Friendly City Food Coop, Valley Friends Meeting, the Voluntary Gas Tax group, Climate Action Alliance of the Valley, and the Merck Foundation, we covered 100% of the costs. From December 1 we have been reducing our carbon footprint and reducing energy costs for OCP. More of that money can now go to support our programs! 49 panels sit hidden on OCP’s roof, but they are busy working every day. Special thanks to Jeff Heie for his coordination work through Give Solar. In the spring, he will be leading an effort to help another nonprofit in our community, this time Gemeinschaft Home for men who are early released from prison. A great program, so we hope you will continue your support for the next organization.