How do we begin to thank everyone who has donated to OCP?

  • Thanks to our donors for keeping our staff paid!
  • Thanks to the volunteer who put out the word and got 2 dozen neighbors to donate turkeys that were in their deep freezers.
  • Thanks to our new “food delivery volunteer corps” that takes food daily to the quarantine motel for us (Randi H, Charlotte S, Tim C, Yolo M, Jacob, Nizar S, and Brenda)
  • Thanks to everyone keeping us stocked with paper towels, sugar, coffee, eggs, butter, vegetable oil, whole wheat bread, and other hard-to-get food items.
  • Thanks to The Community Foundation and United Way for organizing emergency funding to nonprofits during this crisis.
  • Thanks to volunteers from Hope Distributed for delivering food to homebound folks.
  • Thanks for the several groups who are buying or making masks for us—we have been using so many!!! We are washing them but we need more.
  • Thanks to Sue and Ron for their company’s cleaning supplies donations.
  • Thanks to our on-site volunteers who help us screen everyone coming in for lunch each day.
  • Thanks to Carolyn Rainy at Bank of America for finding some extra corporate emergency funds.
  • Thanks to our many families and businesses that have donated large amounts of food: Patchwork Pantry, Glenna G, Pat H & First Presbyterian Church, Campus Kitchen, Kristin YK, Grace S, Pete D, Adrienne G, and Ken W & Early Church for the socially distanced Easter Banquet of Joy.
  • Thanks to those who have helped staff the building to keep us running 7 days a week, or delivered food, or helped in other ways: Linda S, Larry and Linda J, Tala B, Tim and Rehana, Charles H, Suzanna, Jill L, Tony B, Nataliya T, Hans M, Taimi C, Christopher B, Selena B, Kathryn S, Mark D, Rachel C, Sharon M, and Deirdre S.
  • Big thanks to Tammy, Terri and others at the Suitcase Clinic who are working tirelessly to answer our medical questions and make hospital referrals at OCP, the motel, and Open Doors.
    Our apologies to those we missed in this quick list. Thank you all!

A huge thank you to our dedicated and compassionate staff. What did they do this week? Prepared 495 meals, managed people in emotional and substance abuse crises, delivered food and furniture, educated our community members about health protocols, took people to the hospital and to get medications at the pharmacy, distributed rep payee funds, visited homebound folks, gave out mail, cleaned and sanitized the building “umptine times,” deposited funds at the bank and made hundreds of bookkeeping entries, revised housing intake forms to meet requirements from new grant funders, provided a listening ear to those in need, managed calls from the DNR and other media, screened people at Open Doors and the motel and OCP for housing, gave out tents and tried to tracked where people on the streets are living so we can follow their health needs, called the Suitcase Clinic to get someone critical medications, explained to people how to access unemployment benefits and helped them through the process, helped people with no tax history to fill out the form to get their government stimulus check.