Here’s a few of the many individuals, organizations and foundations that have kept OCP running strong over the last couple months. Thanks to our monthly donors for providing us a steady stream of monthly cash flow! Thanks to those who contributed special gifts of stimulus checks to OCP. Thanks to Jeremiah Bishop for his amazing fundraising event on Facebook, already at $5500, where he achieved a “Fastest Known Time” for an ultra-endurance riding feat, essentially a new world record for the Harrisonburg-to-Roanoke “Rock Star Gravel Route,” a 255-mile gravel ride over 20 hours! Thanks to everyone who kept us stocked with food. Thanks to Valley Air for their discounted installation of a new minisplit AC installed in our kitchen. Unending kudos to Larry and Linda Jones for repairing and painting and overseeing our small work program for homeless folks. Thanks to Coracle and the Denton Family Foundation for gifts for general operating expenses and for our new Homelessness to Housing program (and thanks to the amazing anonymous donor family providing $20,000 in matching gifts to start up the program—see other article on the new program for details). And thanks for our many partner agencies who help us to help our community members: Strength in Peers, Mercy House, Suitcase Clinic, Community Services Board, Housing Authority (HRHA), New Community Project’s Vine & Fig program, and area churches and volunteers who help with meal deliveries and meals when OCP is not open. Wow, what an awesome community effort!