Housing is healthcare!

Like our sister agency The Haven in Charlottesville, we note that HOUSING is the best protection against COVID-19. For homeless persons, socially isolating and sheltering in place is hard to impossible. Recently, it appears that the coronavirus has begun to spread among the homeless population in our area.

One of our goals is to get people into permanent housing as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of infection. We are working with the local HUD CoC, the Housing Authority and Mercy House to identify people who are eligible. We also need to identify open rental units and willing landlords.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Are you a landlord with vacancies? Contact [email protected] to talk more about your needs and our community members and how we can partner. (Office: 540-442-7727)
  • If you are able, consider sharing your stimulus check with OCP, so we will have sufficient funds to help place people into units with a down payment or 1-month startup payment to get them into housing until their next paycheck or retirement or disability check comes through, or until their unit can be inspected by HUD and they can begin to use their housing voucher.

   Leons and Annie delivering furniture to those in need. Thank you Mercy House Thrift Store. Thanks to Hburg Police Dept. for their donation of chairs to OCP!