Pandemic Schedule

OCP has altered its regular schedule to address the special needs of the homeless population during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Monday, Wednesday Friday 9am – 2pm

Tuesday (work day)
9am-10am open to public for breakfast
10am-2pm open to volunteers only

Thursday 9am-11:30AM

Friday (Friday Lunch Restaurant)
9am-10am open to public for breakfast
10am-3pm open to volunteers only
11:30am-1Pm FLR curbside/call in and limited seating

  • Saturday – Sunday 8am – 10am


    NORMAL ANNUAL SCHEDULE, which we hope to return to by July


    9am-2pm Open to Public, 9am breakfast, 12p free community meal


    9am-10am Open to Public, breakfast

    10am-2pm Open to Volunteers Only


    9am-2pm Open to Public, 9am breakfast and 12pm free community meal


    1pm-6pm Open to Public, 5pm free community meal


    9am-10am Open to Public, breakfast

    10am-3pm Open to Volunteers Only

    11:30am-1:30pm Restaurant Open to the Public

    Free Services Offered

    • showers
    • laundry
    • referrals and case management assistance
    • storage lockers ($5 deposit and $3/month rent cost)
    • phone and internet wifi available
    • meals