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Featured Volunteer of the Month: David Easler

We are the product of our environment… While going through a journey of refriending his body, mind, and soul, Mr. David Easler stumbled into Our Community Place. The look on his face when he saw that an environment such as the one we all experience at OCP does exist was priceless. You hear the same saying from community members when the question arises of how they found out about Our Community Place. Most said, “somebody told me that Our Community Place was a cool place to chill, take showers, use free wifi, sing karaoke, or take advantage of the Suit Case Clinic, and eat good food everyday if you are willing to join the program.”

Mr. Easler’s childhood was not like many of us. Born in a family of 17 kids, he learned from an early age how to be a part of a diverse family who still loves one another for who they are. “Not all of them are my direct brothers and sisters but I love each and every one of them,” Mr. Easler said.  Born in Tennessee, he spent most of his adulthood in South Carolina. In the mist of trying to learn about himself while being surrounded by many siblings, something impelled our featured volunteer of the month to go in a journey which led him to our doorstep. “In a community just like my family, sometimes we have to work together to make it a common area pleasant for all members,” Mr. Easler said.

It feels like it was not too long ago that Mr. Easler first stepped into Our Community Place. “The positive and awesome atmosphere drew me to the community center,” Mr. Easler said. Just like myself and many more community members, OCP has allowed individuals such as Mr. David Easler to express himself and share his life story in a way that helps us heal and progress together. His positive outlook on life regardless of the tribulations that he went through brings a refreshing ambiance to the mood generated at Our Community Place. David loves playing football, soccer, and playing UNO on game day. “Being part of the Friday Lunch Restaurant brings me satisfaction and a sense of belonging,” he went on to say. Mr. David Easler enjoys fixing cars, and he has volunteered to help some of our community members whenever they have car issues. He is kind, loving, and caring, and he enjoys the fact that Our Community Place is working toward restoring hope and self-worth in the lives of individuals who have been through adverse experiences.

Our lives are filled with ups and downs and it is through adverse and undesirable experiences that we get to find ourselves again. Some of us choose to fight through it while other flee or freeze. Nevertheless, the scars generated from the trauma we experience is something we try to be aware of at Our Community Place, and we encourage an open conversation with community members such as Mr. David Easler.

Leons Kabongo

Activities & Programming Coordinator