The board is excited to announce that for the first time OCP is in position to offer partial health benefits to its employees.  Even though we are still not financially ready to offer full benefits this is certainly a step in the right direction.  We are also giving a small salary increase to staff to move our people closer to earning a living wage.  We are able to do this partially due to increased giving this past year and partially it is a step in faith that money will continue to come in. 

Our Board Development Committee has been working on a plan to make this commitment a reality.  Part of the plan is to reach out to our loyal donors.  During February and March we are asking that each supporter consider a 10% increase in your annual giving going forward.  This will not totally cover the increase but it certainly will move us to a place where we will feel confident that we can start to offer a living wage and increased health benefits to our staff. 

Laurie Miller – President of OCP Board