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WRAP® Wellness Recovery Action Plan at OCP

In April of this year, I was invited by a local non-profit, Strength in Peers, to attend a week long WRAP facilitation training. WRAP® is an acronym for Wellness Recovery Action Plan, a peer led evidence based program that guides individuals to develop a self designed plan for getting well and staying well. It was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of friends who were searching for a way to take control of their mental health wellness. The WRAP® program is based on five key recovery concepts: Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self Advocacy, and Support. Participants in the program are guided by peers to create a plan with wellness tools, a list of things to do everyday to stay as well as possible, identify triggers and warning signs and create a plan for responding to them, and creating a crisis plan and post crisis plan.

In October, I and Veronica Olko, a fellow WRAP® facilitator from Strength in Peers began a seven week class for seven participants. We are excited to offer this wellness program to our community members and look forward to offering more classes in our community in the coming months.

Annie Pangle

Community Care Coordinator