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Why Do People Come to OCP?

I have been at OCP now as the new director for 3 weeks. Wow, what an experience. The staff team is fantastic and works very hard. I have never seen a program where community members chip in so much to help run the program and keep down costs. Being here seems a good fit for me, and it’s inspiring. At the last members meeting I asked people why they come to OCP. Here are some of the responses.

“I find peace with God here. There is always someone to talk to. They show me how to not be taken advantage of.”

“I come to OCP to help myself and to help others.”

“OCP is a drug free zone. It’s safe, I won’t be hassled here by drug sellers. And I make friends here.”

“I’m homeless. I come here to get warm, out of the weather. OCP gives me something to do while I don’t have a job. It keeps me out of trouble.”

“I’ve been coming to OCP for 4 years. I come to give back, because they helped me to overcome some personal challenges.”

“OCP is a place we learn to let go of me and get into the we. We share our gifts here. We see the light in others. We practice tolerance and patience and forgiveness. It’s a crucible for spiritual growth.”

“I’ve been coming here 11 years. I’ve made lots of friends, volunteered and helped lots of people. I am much more social now.”

OCP has brought healing and warmth to many people over many years. In fact, this year is OCP’s 10th Anniversary. Keep an eye out for events this year—to help us celebrate 10 years, and to help us raise the needed funds to keep this program moving!

OCP has a lot to celebrate, and I feel very fortunate to be joining this community.

Sam Nickels

Executive Director