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What Does Tax Reform Mean for Your Giving?

You may have heard that Congress has passed sweeping changes so the tax code that are taking effect in 2018. One change that will effect nearly all of our donors is a large increase in the standard deduction, meaning that you will no longer be itemizing deductions on your 2018 tax return. Many experts are making ominous predictions about the negative impacts this may have on nonprofits that rely on large numbers of small-to-mid-size donors who will no longer have a tax incentive to give. Organizations that have banked on the traditional year-end giving campaign will have to change strategy, and that includes OCP.

I know that all of our donors are motivated to give to OCP because they are passionate about our mission and vision, and that they will continue to support us regardless of this change in tax policy. One way to ensure our ongoing stability as our political climate becomes less hospitable to nonprofits like OCP is to become a regular monthly donor. In the coming year we will need to change our footing to adapt to these new circumstances, and we will do it by spreading our income out across the calendar year. But only you can make that happen! Please click that ‘Donate’ button at the top right corner of this page and make a pledge to OCP today!

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Administrative Director