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We’re Going Solar

The premier issue of our time is climate change. New reports highlight the number of species dying, the number of children growing up breathing unhealthy air (94% globally), and the extreme warming and changes in Antarctica. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. But as an individual I have changed my lifestyle to drive a high efficiency hybrid car, I have solar electric and water panels on my house, and my daughter and our neighbors and I built a community compost behind our houses on the property of Trinity Presbyterian Church.   

“Doing more with less” is a goal I have brought to Our Community Place as it’s new director. Recently we converted all 58 light fixtures to high efficiency LED lighting. In November we are taking the next BIG step—installing an array of 49 solar panels on OCP’s roof. This will reduce our carbon footprint for our precious earth immediately, and over the next 10 years, we will save an estimated $36,000 in reduced energy costs. We will turn around to invest these savings in programming! Through this project, every $1 you donate turns into $3 of increased programming. If you want to help, join our fundraising campaign by making a $25 donation at www.Give.Solar.          

Why should nonprofits get involved in this stuff? The same reasons that businesses and school systems and cities and counties should—it makes good sense, we save money by lowering costs, and we improve the health of our people and planet. There are no tax incentives for nonprofits to go solar, but nonprofits can raise the needed capital from donors. We project costs at $25,000. A grant from the Merck Foundation has provided $9,000. A local church, the Friendly City Food Co-op, and other organizations provided an additional $3,500. That leaves us with the other half to fundraise: $12,500. Already we have gifts of more than $2000. Help us with the remaining $10,500 by giving today at www.Give.Solar. Please forward this email to two friends. We need to finish the campaign by the end of November – we’ve got 30 days to go!     

As always, thanks for everything all of you do to make OCP a success in our mission to serve those who are homeless and marginalized in our Harrisonburg and Rockingham region. A Blessed Thanksgiving to All!

Sam Nickels

Executive Director