Solar Panel "Barn Raising"

It’s time for OCP to reduce its carbon footprint while savings thousands of dollars. How? Read on…

The Event

In November OCP will place about 40 solar panels on the roof, covering most of the roof. This effort is being accomplished through the generosity of donors and funders. Merck Foundation and local environmental organizations are contributing half the costs ($12,500) and OCP is asking its supporters to provide the other half ($12,500). This effort will 1) reduce OCP’s carbon footprint from day one, and 2) save $300/month in energy costs. This translates into $36,000 in 10 years or over $100,000 in 30 years. These savings will be freed up to re-invest in our programs, further helping persons who are homeless or marginalized in our community. In other words, for every $25 you invest now, over 10 years you’ll see at $75 return, or over 30 years you’ll see a $225 return. Not a bad ROI.

How can I get involved?

Be a donor. We are seeking 500 donations of $25 or more. That will cover our fundraising goal and match the money from Merck and local organizations. To donate, it’s easy. CLICK HERE, or go to www.Give.Solar. 

Help us find organizations willing to join the effort. If you are connected to a church or business or civic club that is willing to donate, please ask them to join the effort!  We’ve already received $1000 from the Friendly City Food Coop through their Round-Up at the check-out register campaign; $1000 from the Voluntary Gas Tax club; and $1000 from the Valley Friends Meeting in Dayton.

Where and how to give:  To donate online, CLICK HERE, or go to Give.Solar (or www.Give.Solar — either link works). You will be taken to our partner agency GIVE SOLAR who is helping us organize this wonderful event. Their website is run through another nonprofit called New Community Project. If you think this is complicated and crazy, you are right! But this is the most cost-efficient way for us to make sure that almost all your donation goes to the project and not to middle-man fees. So, just go to Solar.Give, hit the donation button, and donate with your debit or credit card (we use the PAYPAL service for this).

To donate via check, enter “Solar Project” in the memo line, and send to Our Community Place, 17 E. Johnson St, Harrisonburg VA 22802.