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Taking It to the Next Level

OCP has once again entered the world of social entrepreneurship with our Box Lunch Catering Business, Friday Lunch Restaurant, and soon-to-come Pesto Micro-Industry – creating competitive products at reasonable prices in order to create meaningful work in a supportive environment for our community members.

In addition to creating jobs and purposeful activity, we also plan to create quality products and services that will be competitive in the general marketplace so that you (the consumer) will receive full-value for the money you spend PLUS AS A BONUS, know that the the money you are spending is significantly contributing to our mission to cultivate a community of restoration and hope.

Now, I could imagine that it might be tempting for a regular OCP donor who hears about the cool new OCP Friday Lunch Restaurant or Our Celestial Pesto hitting the shelves to think to herself, “Hey, instead of just writing OCP a check for $75 a month, I can, for the same money, get a great meal at the restaurant every week and buy a delicious jar of pesto whenever I’m at the Farmer’s Market.”

We would like to encourage you NOT to think that way.

We are asking that you not divert your regularly budgeted OCP donations into the social enterprises pot. We are hoping instead that you will choose to use some of your regularly budgeted shopping and dining dollars to purchase our products and services because they are quality products.


Just about every non-profit organization, to survive, depends on a donor base that supports the mission and work of the organization both philosophically and monetarily. Our support comes from a combination of donations, events, rental for building use, and small grants. About half of our budget comes through donations.

What we have created in OCP, together, all of us, is a scaffold of love, safety, welcome and belonging upon which we can now build. The industries are dependent upon that scaffold.

The goal of the industries is not to fund existing programs. The goal is to create something new, to build on top of the current scaffold in order to take things to the next level. Take away the base—your donations—and the industries fall.

Ron Copeland

Executive Director