Sunshine in a Song

Music is a universal language all its own. Music is a common means by which we connect, make friends, interact, and establish relationships with people. Have you ever been in a room with people that you didn’t know very well, feeling a bit awkward, and all of a sudden had a classic song like “Boogie Wonderland” come on? Everyone starts singing along without a care in the world!

Yeah. Some days, OCP is like that.

We keep music going in the building for this very reason. Some folks at OCP bring their own headphones and listen to their own music, and some don’t listen to the music at all and spend time talking with their friends. But you can almost always catch that one person that hears a song they love come on Pandora and watch them mouthing along, tapping their foot, or singing at the top of their lungs and getting other people to join in.   One example was a few Tuesday Work Days ago, when our friends Carlton, George, and Bill, broke out in song while in the kitchen. The three gentlemen knew each other, but weren’t very close. Yet the moment “My Girl” came on, they assembled themselves into a trio and complete with harmonies and dance choreography, performed a rendition of The Temptations’ classic behind the counter! The whole room was laughing and smiling for the rest of the day.

Another instance happened at Lawn Jam this year. Scott Murray, a very talented local musician and close friend of ours, was starting his set as the opener for the Lawn Jam performances. Next thing we knew, our friend Tim had joined him on stage and was not only playing a drum alongside him, but also singing along! Tim was on a natural high for the rest of the day, and even when he wasn’t asked to perform he would be behind the scenes doing whatever he could to help with sound. His passion shown through as he sat there, smiling from ear to ear with the drum between his legs and microphone to his lips.

Third Thursday Karaoke and Open Mic night are the same way. It’s amazing how involved people get! We always joke around and tell everyone to practice before the “big night”, but most people really do! They’ll have their song lined up before I even have to ask what they’re going to sing. No matter how out of key or off-beat the person may be, they give 110% effort and put their whole selves out there. And when you discover those that can sing?   Well, that’s a whole other excitement in and of itself.

I challenge you all this week to listen to and play music. Use it as a way to learn something new, or make new friends. Play your favorite jams in your car on the way to work, or in your office when no one is around. Dance and sing like the folks here at OCP that, even if just for a moment, find sunshine in a song.