Solar investment paying off. As our 49 solar panels start to soak in the summer sun, we are seeing a huge drop in energy costs. Our May bill in 2018 was $345 while our May bill this year was only $60. Now that brings a sunny smile to my face . Please support the next nonprofit solar project at Gemeinschaft Home (https://www.gemeinschafthome.org)

                Our sister agency Open Doors runs the area thermal shelter during winter months with the support of many local churches, a huge and important effort. But when Open Doors closes in early April, OCP sees an uptick in people hanging out at our property. Many folks just have nowhere to go. OCP is only open during the day, so what can we do to help these folks? The board and staff of OCP are currently seeking solutions that are compassionate while meeting concerns for safety, liability, and city zoning regulations.  We are interviewing our community members for their ideas too. We will keep you posted as a plan develops. One of our board members Winnie Dickerson told me she drives by OCP often and sees people there. “I know they are there because they feel OCP is a safe place, OCP cares, they are not invisible at OCP.” If you want to join us in working on this effort, contact me ([email protected]).