programs & services

Morning Empowerment

Monday – Wednesday = 9:30am

This time includes devotionals, centering and breathing, topical discussions, and bible studies.

Community Meals

All are welcome!

Before every meal at OCP, the community circles up, holds hands, and takes turns saying names and one thing to be thankful for. No one is required to circle up but everyone is strongly encouraged to join in this celebration.

Monday = Noon

Wednesday = Noon

Thursday = 5pm

Tuesday Volunteer Work Day

All are welcome… BUT, all participants must sign in by 10am and attend the morning planning session to participate in the day and lunch. The building is closed to anyone who did not sign up to volunteer.

Community Meetings

All are welcome! Come to listen and discuss community center issues and upcoming events and volunteer needs.

1st & 3rd Mondays from 1pm-2pm

Wednesday Game Day

Uno, Spades, Catchphrase, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Dutch Blitz – you name it!!! Come on down from 10am – Noon and join in on the fun.

Thursday Night Entertainment

Activities include a rotation of Movie Nights, Live Music, Third Thursday Karaoke, Family Game Nights, and special presentations and forums.

Legal Aid Presentation

1st Mondays during lunch.


For $5 initial deposit and $3/month rent (or 2 stars), community members can rent an outdoor locker. Each locker is padlocked with customizable 4-digit combination. At the community center, talk to Ron or Eric to get a locker.


A washer and dryer, along with laundry detergent, are available to community members free of charge. In community center, please talk to concierge for rules and scheduling.


A shower is available to community members. Talk to concierge for towels, soap, and schedule.


A telephone is available for community members and is located at the front desk. All calls are free. Please be courteous and keep conversations brief.


Freely available to community members. No password necessary.

Free Table

The Free Table has different items on different days ranging from food to books. Everything on it is free to take. Do not place personal items on the Free Table.


Stars can be earned by participating in our Tuesday Volunteer Work Days and/or our Night Out fundraisers. Stars can be used to pay for Lockers or to “buy” OCP merchandise and other fun items.


OCP Members participate with the staff in helping OCP be the best place that it can be. Membership Meetings are held on 1st and 3rd Mondays from 1pm-2pm. Anyone can attend these meetings and everyone’s voice is valued, but only members can vote. Anyone can become a member. There is a 3 month trial period.