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On Top of the World

 On a clear, sunny day in May, the staff and 20+ community members took a field trip to Reddish Knob and later a picnic at Hone Quarry. If you are local, you know that Reddish Knob is one of the highest points in Virginia, rising 4,397 feet on the Shenandoah Mountain. While at the top you almost have a 360 degree view of the surrounding Virginia and West Virginia Counties.

There was a lot of excitement about the trip. Many community members were a bit worried about falling off the edge of the mountain after hearing stories of the narrow road to the top! I can’t tell you what was going on in the other vehicles that were traveling with us, but in mine, there was laughter, storytelling and singing going on. I remember thinking how truly blessed I was to be on that trip at that very moment with my friends and community members.

When we arrived the excitement was palpable. It only took a few seconds for everyone to eagerly get out of the cars and start looking around and enjoying the view. I asked several community members what they thought of the view and Jerome (originally from Philly) commented that “it was beautiful! Something like he would only ever seen in books or movies!” George a native of Norfolk, thought that it was “magnificent,” and Kathleen, “loved it, even though she’s afraid of heights.”

As a native of Rockingham County, I sometimes take for granted the beauty of the area and the easy access I have to places like Reddish Knob. To see the joy and amazement on the faces of those with me that day was a gift. A gift that reminded me to appreciate the beauty of the place that I grew up, to enjoy the simple things in life, and most importantly to be grateful for where I was at that very moment, spending time with people that I love and care about.

Our field trips take place on every 5th Tuesday and, and destinations are voted on by the community members and paid for with funds from our Community Yard Sale in August.  In the past year we have visited Endless Caverns, The Frontier Culture Museum, and The Planetarium at JMU. The community members love the trips, seeing and learning so many things at each place. If you would like to help us continue with our field trips please contact us about donating items to our yard sale on August 5st or if you love to treasure hunt, stop by that day from 8-1 and support OCP!

Annie Pangle

Volunteer and Community Care Coordinator