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Being the few members of the management team that we are, Annie, Ron, Eric, Alex and I can all have our hands in different pots for different things at different times. Our jobs often criss-cross as we all try to support each other. So when hard-working, driven individuals want to participate in our organization and help us out with office tasks, we absolutely welcome the opportunity.

Kyle answered the call of duty, and today was his first day working with us! Naturally being used to handling everything ourselves, we would all move towards the phone when it rang, only to be flooded with relief when we heard Kyle’s friendly voice saying “Hi, thank you for calling Our Community Place. How can I help you?” Kyle has great energy, is always ready to help out where needed, and his smile and positive light are so helpful in easing the stress of a busy Friday. Below is a bit he’s written to introduce himself to the community:

Hi, I’m Kyle Kirby, a junior at James Madison University. My major field of study is Writing and Rhetoric, and I’m double minoring in Art and Sociology. As I am intrigued by people and how they interact with each other and function within society, Sociology was at one point my major. I dropped that in favor of a more creative outlet with writing, however kept the pro-social undertones my stint in Sociology had given me. I had been on mission trips and such as a kid in the church, but they were not particularly fulfilling. My first, although brief, interaction with OCP was this past April when they allowed MacRock to host an event in the community center. Amidst the hustle and bustle of feeding out of town musicians, I was able to take in a smidge of what exactly happens at the community center. I liked what I saw – and heard only positive things about OCP in the months after. Fast forward to July, when I was casting a wide net for jobs in Harrisonburg upon my return to school in August. I applied for a Federal Work Study program with Community Services Learning; they called me back and gave me a spread of choices to work with. OCP was on the list and I jumped at the opportunity to work with them. Having only ever worked in restaurants before, I was delighted to have the chance to not only stop waiting tables, but to have a job that was community- and people-centric.

Kyle is looking forward to the ways that he can support our work here at OCP. He has great enthusiasm for our mission, and we hope to show him in the coming weeks that even seemingly simple office work plays a significant role in the fulfillment of our mission, even outside of the day to day happenings in the community center. We’re thankful to have you Kyle, and are excited to stretch your potential with us! Welcome!

Rianna Hill

Communications Coordinator