Our Community Place, open to anyone in the world, continues to serve our local community by offering meals, showers, washer, dryer, phone access, internet, mail pickup, opportunities to volunteer, warmth during the winter,  compassion, love, and much more for free because of you – individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations that make donations.

Thank you! 

In this financial update, would like to highlight three aspects of our current financial state (1) the sale of Our Community Farm, (2) the state of our current donations, and (3) NAP credits.

Many of you have heard that we recently sold Our Community Farm at the end of September. The sale of the farm helped us reduce our debt, however, there was no profit on the sale because it was sold for less than it was valued on the books when we purchased it in 2010.  We were able to sell the property for more than the original purchase price, but all of that excess had been invested in the Farm program .  The sale provided some recovery of the losses which we incurred during the four years we ran Our Community Farm.

Regarding donations for the year, we continue to be blessed by our community of support.  The data for this fiscal year shows that an incredible 56% of our income comes from donations!   However, donations for the year so far are $11,000 short of our budget, so we still need your support.  The second largest area of our income comes from events – 29%.  Fundraising is only one aspect of our events.  If you have been to one of our Second Saturday Night Out events, you will know that many of the people waiting tables, working in the kitchen, preparing salads, and washing dishes, are the same people that rely on OCP for meals, shelter, and community each day.  If you haven’t been to a Second Saturday Night Out, you should come on out!  We offer a four-course meal, often prepared by a local restaurant, with a suggested $20 donation per person.  The food is great, and you are not only supporting OCP; we give 25% of the profit from the dinner to a small community in Haiti whose members are often not able to eat a meal every day.

The final piece of this financial update is a new exciting opportunity for OCP – Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) credits.  This is the first year that OCP has applied to participate in this program offered by the State of Virginia, and we were accepted!  As a result, we are able to offer individuals AND businesses who make qualified donations ($500 or more for an individual – $616 or more for a business) a 65% tax credit on Virginia State taxes!  This is actually a tax credit, so if you donate $500 to OCP through the NAP program, you will receive a tax credit from the State of Virginia allowing you to subtract $325 from your total taxes due on your Virginia State income tax return!  The NAP program is a way that the State of Virginia encourages donors to give money directly to non-profits that provide services to low-income individuals.  If you would like to make a NAP-qualified donation from your family or your business, or if you would like to find out more, please send an email to [email protected] or call 540-860-0792.  Please contact me before making a NAP donation as we only have a limited amount of credits available.

Although the sale of Our Community Farm has been a loss in some ways, the sale has helped us bring more focus and attention to the Community Center.  Just today, a homeless friend of mine told me that OCP needs to be open more.  He is right!  In fact, he said he had eaten nothing today.  With your continued support, we look towards a future where we will be open more often, provide more meals each week, hire a trained counselor to provide direct services to the many in need at OCP, provide healthier meals year-round, engage our community at OCP in more art and theater, and continue to be a place that welcomes anyone in the world – particularly dedicated to including in our activities those struggling with poverty and difficult life circumstances.  Thank you so much for your support!