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As a recent member of the OCP management team, I was asked to start a new tradition of choosing a volunteer and elaborating on their unique value to the OCP community. For March, I would like to introduce you to Tamara Jo Robinson, beginning with a poem expressing the impact she’s had on the staff and the customers of our Friday restaurant:

Tamara is Kind
Her love is blind
Her energy fills an entire room
Her vision of life is magical, like the swish of a broom
When Tamara is at peace in a joyful state of mind, it is hard to be sad
She knows how to keep her cool when times are bad
No one can put a price on her love for volunteering
With Tamara in the house, OCP is more endearing.

In Proverbs 13: 3 the scriptures tells us that “The one who guards their lips guards their soul, but the one who speaks rashly will come to ruin.” There isn’t a day when Tamara fails to follow this guidance, and her energy and joy shines in her attitude toward others. Tamara was born in Germany to a military family that always traveled. Being the only girl of two kids, her dream as a child was to be a mother and to love her kids with everything she had. Today, Tamara has three children and 2 grandchildren, and as she was telling me this you could see how much happier she became. She insisted that all the readers of this blog should know of her gratitude for OCP and everything it stands for. She wants people to know that it is the only place where she feels safe, loved, at peace, full of hope and faith, and that it is most of all the place where she has learned to trust and make new friends. World, we present to you our featured volunteer of the month for March: Tamara Jo Robinson!

Leons Kabongo

Activities Coordinator