Our Community Farm


Our Community Farm sees Christ as both the force and guiding principle by which we operate.  As we seek healing and restoration for those whose lives have become unmanageable, we do so by the spirit and guiding principles of Christ and his teaching; seeking restitution for not only body and mind but also spirit.  All are welcome in the program regardless of religious convictions.


We seek as far as possible to be a community which works to supply our own needs on the farm. We do this not simply for financial reasons but also for reasons of fellowship, skills & sustainability training, personal growth, character development, and camaraderie.


Our Community Farm is a place where those dealing with addictions of many kinds can be challenged and encouraged within a safe, drug and alcohol free environment. We work toward this end through morning worship, regular 12 step meetings, and networking with others in recovery.


All who participate in the program live in one large house where everyone shares daily work and common meals and meets regularly for honesty meetings and family business meetings.  The household is a community and each person is expected to fully participate in the community’s daily life.


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FarmMapOur Community Farm is located in New Market, Virginia on a 15-acre property, once home to the Crossing Creeks residential program–purchased in 2009 through the extraordinary generosity of local businessmen.  This lush and verdant site is ideal for developing sustainable agriculture projects.  Please come and visit us at 18794 Mountain Valley Road, New Market, VA 22844!