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Eric’s Update: Spotlight on Grants

When I first started at OCP in 2014, our funding support came almost exclusively from individual donors, churches, and our slate of fundraising events. In other words, you!  Your generosity and enthusiasm for OCP’s mission continue to be and will remain the solid bedrock of our organization. But as we have come to more clarity about our passion and abilities, we have inevitably sought to develop new and better programming to accomplish our goals. This has meant having a more intentional focus on grant writing to help us build capacity. I read somewhere that it takes 2-3 years of hard work before a new grant seeker will begin to see results. In the past year, our results have far surpassed our expectations.

Our most significant gift of $20,000 came from the JustPax Fund, which “provides financial and logistical support to individuals and organizations working for effective change in the realms of gender justice, environmental justice, and economic justice.” The JustPax grant is helping us provide employment to community members through the Our Community Eats program, helping us get the new initiative off to a strong start. Other 2016 funders include:

  • Food Lion Charitable Foundation
  • J. & E. Berkley Foundation
  • Fransen Family Foundation
  • SunTrust Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Dominion Foundation
  • The Community Foundation donor-advised funds
  • City of Harrisonburg

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Administrative Director