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Dear Friends of OCP,

This month we close our fiscal year. We present a short annual report of accomplishments and finances. Please remember that this work is made possible by your generosity, support, prayers, and love. We are so appreciative because we are blessed every day to see the difference it makes in people’s lives!

Four quick notes.

  1. March is always a slow donations month for us, so any gifts are much appreciated! 
  1. Night Out is THIS MONDAY March 25. The theme of this delicious multi-course monthly fundraiser meal at OCP is “Surf & Turf.” Register Now for a table with your friends. 
  1. The Great Community Give is April 17 – please note in your calendar to go online that date to donate to OCP. If you can’t donate that day, you can donate now at GCG and it will be credited to OCP. We’ll be calling you with a reminder on April 17. Thank you in advance! 
  1. Starting April 1, we are raising the prices at Friday Lunch Restaurant – $15 adults; $12 students; $8 children/youth; $0 children under 5. While we were very hesitant to raise prices, staff agreed that we need to do this. It is still the best deal in town for a three-course meal and drinks, and it’s our weekly fundraiser. 😊 We hope you understand and will continue your strong support for OCP.

In peace, Sam

Accomplishments in 2018

We welcomed two new staff – Sam Nickels as Executive Director and Timothy Jopling as Kitchen Coordinator. Stepping into these roles has been wonderful for us, a great challenge, and humbling due to the persons who previously served in these positions. But with new staff come new ideas, new directions, new eyes, and new networks. We hope that, building on the strong foundations of our predecessors, who we deeply thank, we will continue to move OCP forward into new and wonderful places.

We provided many services to meet urgent and long-term needs of community members. Here are just a few ways we’ve been able to help:

  • We helped people obtain ID’s and birth certificates to be able to get jobs,
  • Helped people apply for Medicaid and ACA to be able to better access healthcare and medications
  • Cleaned apartments of disabled community members to help them stay in their housing
  • Gave referrals to the local Rapid-Rehousing program for rental assistance,
  • Gave referrals and resolved conflicts related to obtaining and maintaining a shelter bed
  • Accompanied people to mental and behavioral health care appointments
  • Provided referrals to drug addiction programs
  • Provided transportation assistance for doctor and other critical appointments

We also offered a variety of classes, support groups, and services at OCP in partnership with other organizations. These include:

  • Cooking and nutrition classes in partnership with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
  • Mental health and substance use support group in partnership with Strength in Peers
  • Medical care in partnership with the Suitcase Clinic
  • Grief support group with Rose Flory
  • Bible study and spiritual growth class with Early Church
  • WRAP mental health crisis management class
  • Transitional housing program in partnership with Trinity Presbyterian Church.

This year we began our first quarterly “Head Count” where we track how many people we are serving during an entire week. To date, on average, our numbers indicate the following:

  • 116 = The number of unduplicated community members (unique individuals) served over the course of a typical week at OCP.
  • 350- 400 = The number of duplicated people served during the average week period at OCP (someone coming in on more than one day).
  • Daily service numbers fluctuate a great deal, ranging from 15 to 114.
  • A typical day fluctuates between 50 and 70 people.
  • About 1/3 are female.
  • We have a large number of students and volunteers who come in each week to serve and learn (30-60 persons).
  • Characteristics of our community members:
    • About half of community members are homeless.
    • About 30% are elderly, disabled, or suffer from addictions.
    • Nearly half of community members are between ages 45-64.

We are joining with other service agencies in a new trial program offered by the United Way called “Unite Us.” This program will connect agencies who refer clients to one another and track outcomes on a city/county wide basis.

The Social Security Administration approved OCP as a representative payee organization for persons deemed unable to manage their own funds due to cognitive and intellectual disability, substance use, and dementia.

We now have two staffers trained to assist people in applying for new health insurance programs including Medicaid and the ACA marketplace, and we have done a lot of applications to date!

JMU Department of Social Work approved OCP as a placement for their social work practicum students. This semester we are enjoying the assistance of Maddie Summers for 32 hours a week. She has been an amazing help!

We have organized our case management program to systematize our case work, daily notes, and the tracking of outcomes. This will be helpful in the long-run for OCP planning and evaluation, as well as of interest to grant funders.

We installed 49 roof-top solar panels to generate electricity. Although we only have a few months of data, it appears that this was an awesome investment and will allow us to channel more money into programming.

OCP put a premium on staff training this year. We held trainings on trauma informed care, Narcan training to prevent opioid overdose deaths, self-care and wellness training to help reduce staff burnout, ethics for case management, strategic planning, and first aid, AED and CPR.

We improved healthcare insurance access for our employees and added counseling as a benefit. A year ago, only 3 employees had access to insurance. Currently, 7 have access, and by the end of this year, all 8 employees will have health insurance.

I want to thank our dedicated staff for all they do every day for OCP – Leons facilitating fun and energetic activities, coordinating outside volunteers, writing blogs on community members, and managing our gardens with his Masters Degree in agriculture. Annie running our case management program, coordinating internal volunteers, and providing key leadership for special events planning. Timmy (and Randi in 2018) for managing the soup kitchen, the Friday Lunch Restaurant, the catering business, the Night Out restaurants, the kitchen machinery, and relationships with the food bank and food donors. Eric for managing our many payroll and financial tasks and keeping us honest and close to budget, and writing many grants each year. Bill and Mike for keeping our kitchen ticking and getting tasty nutritious meals out on time. Pedro for cleaning bathrooms and stocking and managing our space every day of the week. And Maddie (social work intern) for kindly giving us her life for 4 months of service to complete Medicaid applications, help people with art therapy, and listen to community members to help us identify their needs.

We also thank our volunteer Board members for all their work and support, our volunteer food donors, Tuesday Work Day volunteers, and our donors. All of you do your part to walk alongside those in our community who come to OCP. It is indeed “Our Community Place.”




Financials (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019)