Our Community Place is located in Harrisonburg’s Northeast Neighborhood, and has been building community and serving those in need for 10 years. We serve over 17,000 hot meals a year to homeless and marginalized persons, and provide laundry and shower services, storage lockers, case management services, volunteer and job training opportunities, empowerment and learning opportunities, help finding employment and housing, referrals for dental and health services, transportation, assistance completing Medicaid applications and renewals, and much more. We host the mobile Suitcase Clinic for medical appointments and access to medications, partner with Strength in Peers to provide mental health and substance use services, place people into housing with Mercy House, and provide a listening ear through volunteer counselors. We also host learning opportunities for local university nursing, psychology, public health policy, social work, and other students. 85% of our food is donated at an annual value of $52,000.

OCP is about loving people, welcoming anyone who walks through our doors, and providing a sense of belonging and hope to people struggling with life’s daily challenges. To that end, OCP is always learning how to be a trauma informed care organization in order to provide a safe and supportive community where people can find healing, build resilience, and be successful at working towards their life goals. Come hang with us and see what OCP is all about!

OCP Mission Statement

To build a safe, loving community of restoration and hope for all, especially those facing homelessness and other adverse experiences.


OCP Vision Statement

OCP’s vision is to be a community of hope that breaks down barriers and creates a safe, empowering environment where people can achieve their life goals, including joy, positive relationships, affordable housing, and sustainable work.


OCP Strategic Goals

  1. Continue meeting physical and emotional needs of community members.
  2. Continue developing a strong administrative structure to support the organization.
  3. Expand supportive employment programs.
  4. Expand wellness programs.
  5. Improve care for staff and community members.
  6. Provide adequate fundraising and staff development to support program growth.
  7. Increase community member involvement and sense of safety at OCP.
  8. Address homelessness, affordable housing, unemployment and underemployment through advocacy and other activities. 


OCP Values

Community Values

Compassion, Mutual respect, Safety, Radical inclusivity, Love, Collaboration, Spirituality, Finding healing, Caring relationships, Kindness, Diversity, Dignity, Cultivating human capital, Community, Healthy, high-quality food, Accountability, Hope, Restorative justice


Organizational values

Evidence-based programing, Transparency, Sustainable funding, Honesty , and Ethics, Fairness to employees and community members, Advocacy and collaborative approach to change structures.


Approved by OCP’s Board on September 18, 2018

Hours of Operation

New hours during PANDEMIC winter months: Nov2020-March2021

     7:30am – 2pm Monday through Friday (hot breakfast everyday and lunch served Monday – Wednesday)

     11am – 1pm Sundays for lunch provided by  Early Church

Services: Breakfast, lunch, laundry, shower, case management assistant of all types, access to internet and phones, camping equipment donations when available, etc.