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A BIG Thank-you!

OCP lives on the edge.

We can only do what we do because we have so many wonderful volunteers—over 50 outside community volunteers coming in every week, and around 25 of our own members who volunteer each week—homeless and low-income people serving others in the same boat! It’s beautiful.

Serving over 9100 hot meals a year means our food is always on the edge too. In the winter 70% of our food is donated, and in the summer 90% of our food is donated. Hunters for the Hungry bring venison, weekly breads and desserts are picked up from Costco, dozens of turkeys each fall come over from the Salvation Army, Cisco contributes 5 items for each Night Out Restaurant (they cover whatever is most expensive!), individual farmers provide produce and hogs and goats, local farm Seasons Bounty provides a large amount of healthy produce, and several individual families have committed to purchase more costly staples for us each month.

Our finances are usually on the edge too. OCP’s annual budget exceeds $250,000, but it is not unusual to have $2000 in the bank. That can make an executive director sweat! However, thanks to our many donors, OCP was highly successful at bringing in over $25,000 during the recent Great Community Give. What can we say? THANK YOU!!!  It’s enough to make an executive director stop sweating.

Sam Nickels

Executive Director