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Featured Volunteer of the Month: Tiffany Carter

As you enter the vicinity of Our Community Place and into the main building, the walls speak of peace and love. They have a quiet way of shedding light on past triumphs and hardships, revealing the many people who have discovered joy in the face of suffering. Tiffany Carter is one of those individuals.

Originally from Waynesboro, VA, Tiffany has traveled the state searching for a community to help her discover her intrinsic worth, to give her the opportunity to live into her innate goodness, and where she can express herself and be heard without worrying about anyone judging her. When she came to OCP she began to gain the sense of true belonging that she was searching for.

Tiffany is a child of God who longs to experience happiness, love, and joy, even in the midst of suffering. She listens to music when she wakes up every morning to calm her soul and bring herself into a place where no person or circumstance can bother her or influence her mood. “Listening to Betty Wright and my favorite song, “After the Pain,” gets my day going,” she says.

One of the things we most admire about Tiffany is her energetic attitude and attention to detail. She has a creative mind, and her work ethic is out of this world. Tiffany has proven that she can take on tasks on her own and get them done with no hassles. In his book, Toxic Charity, Robert Lupton says “We know that trust grows with accountability over time. We know that mutual exchange and legitimate negotiating is energizing (people of every culture love to bargain!). And we know that employment starts people on the path to self-reliance.” What we have done as an organization is to cultivate a community of restoration and hope so that Tiffany can feel welcome and free to express herself.

Leons Kabongo

Activities Coordinator